*******IMPORTANT by law, you have the right to take your vehicle to the shop of our choice! Many insurance companies press their customers to take their jobs to out of town shops that have contracts with them. In return, they get lower rates and stricter rule's for repair. This does NOT save you money, if anything, it saves THEM money! Keep your business local and support your local economy!

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May I choose my own repair shop?

Definitely! Your insurance company can not tell you where you have to get your vehicle repaired. Keep your business local!

How many estimates do I need to have?

You only need ONE estimate to submit to insurance, we work with your insurance company to their guidelines while keeping up with our level of quality.

How do I know the cost of damages?

Your cost of repair will always be explained BEFORE any repair is done. There is no surprise  costs to deal with in the end.

Will I receive a loaner car during my repairs?

Yes-we do have rental and loaner cars available.